Red Means Run is a rock n roll band from Philadelphia, PA. 

Formed in 2012 and lifting their name from Neil Young’s “Powderfinger”, the band was propelled by the songwriting of singer/guitarist, Ryan Wells, and recorded their first EP, “All Things Said And Done” the following year. Those early songs walked the crooked line between country and rock and painted vivid snapshots of people struggling through the enduring themes of love, loss, heartache and redemption. Red Means Run’s guitar-fueled live shows earned them comparisons in sound to early-Wilco, Whiskeytown and The Bottlerockets. 

The band went back into the studio in 2015 to record the follow up EP, “Love of Blindness”. A collection of 5 songs that barnstorm their way across the country rock spectrum and lyrically mine the intersection between the things people hang on to and what they choose to let go. 

Red Means Run spent the next few years playing shows up and down the east coast of the US booking themselves on stages large and small in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.  

In late 2022, Wells began working with producer Derek Chafin (BarnSound and a|i|r records) fleshing out arrangements around a group of songs that became the band's first full length LP, “Things You Hold True”. With melodic hooks and poignant lyrics, these songs explore enduring beliefs, relationships and the ties that bind us all. A departure in sound from the first two EPs, the new record veers more towards the rock n roll side of the band's persona and draws a straight line from Wells' alt-country roots to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and The Replacements. 

“Things You Hold True” will be available on June 15th 2024.